Corporate Film

Having made hundreds of short films during her career, Bridget is adept at producing persuasive and motivational work. She is particularly skilled in coaching brilliant performances from inexperienced (or just nervous!) presenters and interviewees. Bridget believes corporate film-making is about listening to a company’s aims, exchanging ideas, then transforming these into sophisticated and clear messages on film.

Corporate Film Making Experience

Vanilla Films

Bridget has worked on several projects for this bespoke company based in North London. The inspiring and persuasive films and vodcasts she produced and directed were for clients like Logica, CMI (Chartered Management Institute) and the Myeloma Cancer Campaign with Maureen Lipman.

La Benevolencija HTF

This is a dynamic human rights organisation operating in Amsterdam and Africa. Working in partnership with a human rights expert, Bridget developed and produced a detailed proposal for an animated drama series. The hidden aim of the programme was to show the key stages leading village communities into violence and genocide.

BBC Corporate Production Unit

Bridget produced several in-house films for the BBC updating staff on breaking new developments and cross-media creativity in various departments of this huge organisation. The greatest challenge was to produce films which would interest and appeal to a media savvy BBC audience.

LineUp UK Productions, Corporate Films and Live Events

Bridget trained and worked as a production assistant for this hugely successful Corporate Film and Event company in West London before joining the BBC. Their major clients included Heineken, Nissan and Whitbread.