Feature Articles for The Guardian Newspaper (G2)

My months with Madeleine
It was a welcome spring break, a chance to relax at a child-friendly resort in Portugal. Soon Bridget O’Donnell and her partner were making friends with another holidaying family while their three-year-old daughters played together. But then Madeleine McCann went missing and everyone was sucked into a nightmare. Read it here.

Disability is not surprising in this town
These children all have similar birth defects, and all come from Corby. Is it a coincidence?Or was the council’s cleanup operation at the local steelworks to blame? Read it here.

Proud to be Asexual
Despite not being physically attracted to each other, Paul Cox and his wife found love and happiness as an asexual couple. Read it here.

We know the reality of childbirth
A new report on NHS maternity care has revealed divisions between midwives and obstetricians. One of the disputes, says Bridget O’Donnell, is over the best way to give birth. While midwives, and the government, advocate natural birth, many female obstetricians opt for a caesarian when they have their own children. Do they know something we don’t? Read it here.

Feature Articles for the Daily Mail newspaper

Town of the Damned
Eighteen children, all with the same terrible birth defects – and all from the same town. Coincidence? Or are they the victims of their poisonous past…and a truly shameful cover-up? By Bridget O’Donnell. Read it here.

Feature Articles in Sabotage, edited by James Brown

The Master Forgers – Van Meegeren, De Hory, Hebborn and Keating
Half the great art galleries in the world are probably showing brilliant fakes. This is the story of the men who created them. Read it here.

Diamond Geezers
A quick guide to the big names in big rocks. Read it here.

Space Jumping
Joe Kittinger, Steve Triglia and Michael Fournier like jumping from space. That’s space up there. High. Mad. Go figure. Read it here.

Carlo Mollino, Italian playboy
Carlo Mollino was a car racing, era defining designer and architect with a penchant for erotic photography. He pretty much had it all. Read it here.