Writing comments

“A wonderful piece; a great story, brilliantly told.” Kath Viner, Deputy Editor, The Guardian

“A very good piece and very well written.” John Mulholland, Editor, The Observer

“A very good writer.” James Brown, Editor, Sabotage Times.com (former editor Loaded, GQ)

“It is a bold move to follow up John Osborne’s angry young man with an angry young ladette. But Bridget O’Donnell’s first play stands up to the comparison. Written in the snatched moments of her maternity leave, O’Donnell’s screaming child of a creation speaks of its age, has flashes of brilliance and is never dull.” Barbara Lewis, The Stage

“To say anything about the plot would spoil some fabulous twists that build ultimately to make this play deeply provoking, poignant and very much of its time.” Sarah Monaghan, Theatre World

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